Sunday, October 21, 2007

New Blakely Owner found - 3

I recall that this Bantam was sold and shipped to Oklahoma. A couple months or so after those pictures were taken, a Bantam shows up on ebay, located in Oklahoma, with the same exterior color, but a completely different and new looking dash and upholstery. Then looking closely at the engine compartment, I began to notice too many similarities to be simple coincidences. Looking even closer and comparing the pictures I had taken with the one on the ebay site, I found markings that simply are unlikely to be coincidences. There was enough evidence to indicate that this was extremely likely to be that very same car, but nicely redone. Unfortunately I did not record any text from the ebay site, so today I have no data.
And that is where I thought the story ended, until recently.


Carey and Philippe said...

Wow what a goog looking car amazing what the owner did to the interior, I love the more mordern stream line design.

PeterGTV6 said...

Yes - Quite a change isn't it. And from what I' have been able to track and think about, the guy did not make all that much money off it. If he isd in the upholstry business, he simply created some work for himself.