Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Turbo boost control

This is not related to Blakely car but one day might come in usefull for others running turbos. On my Bantam boost is controlled using an Impco TC" control valve and did not wrok properlly (at all). After wititing Impco and searching the net for months I finally came up with this:

On my car the vent valve was plugged exlanning the valve did not work propelly. I will be trying this solution next weekend.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mike's Bantam not a Bantam but a Hawk

After getting more pictures from Mike I made a discovery his car is not a Bantam but the very rare Hawk witch is belived to exist 5 to 8 according to Carey. From the picture below we notice that the front fender has a diffrent profile and the rear roll bar is different.

Mike's Bantam

Mike was kind enough to send in some pictures of his recently bought Yellow 1982 Bantam. With a litle love this car will be looking great.

This is the first Bantam with a V6 I have seen so far. I have also noticed that the frame design seemed different than my Bantam, The bottom cross member seems much beefier than on my 1974.