Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Turbo boost control

This is not related to Blakely car but one day might come in usefull for others running turbos. On my Bantam boost is controlled using an Impco TC" control valve and did not wrok properlly (at all). After wititing Impco and searching the net for months I finally came up with this:

On my car the vent valve was plugged exlanning the valve did not work propelly. I will be trying this solution next weekend.


Tuck Edwards said...

Hello, I have a 1983 Bernardi with a 2.3L 4 speed. Does any one have any manuals or build information? I desire to rebuild the car, Front end spec's, shock data and info on the fuel sender are some of the item i am looking for.

Carey and Philippe said...

Tuck to answer your question yes. Please e-mail me philippe.charest @ gmail.com. We are a bunch of Blakley owners that maintain an e-mail list.