Sunday, July 19, 2009

Phil's latest pictures Bantam

Gentlemen here are the latest pictures of my 1974 Bantam after a lot of work this winter, new paint, widen fenders, alu fender guards, new engine mounts and suspension bushings... and redesigned oil pan to add capacity. Comments are welcomed!

But here is the bad news due to some power trip and misunderstanding of certain individuals at the Provincial DMV (Quebec) they decided to categorise this car has a 2009 self-built, this makes the car almost unsassurable basically 3000$ a year witch cost me 200 $ in the previous province of ownership in New Brunswick. So I am seriously considering selling the car. Any serious offers will be taken. Note: I paid over 7000$ for the car and put considerable time and money to make ot right, I will also assist the owner with transportation at cost since I have family in the brokage business also getting a car over the border requires very litle papper work and is easier than one might think.

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