Monday, July 20, 2009

Mikes McCully's Hawk

I had these pictures for a long time but I actually forgot about them. Here is Mikes work on a rare Hawk with a V6 a beautiful car. The firs of our litle (growing) group is aware of. Noticeable difference between the HAwk and the Bantam are the front fenders, wider rear fenders, the roll bar and frame suspension design. The rear suspension is using coil overs.


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to mention that there is a blakely on ebay right now 7-25-09. I don't think it is a bantam though, I don't know which model it is. Ebay item number 160351105243.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike I think I have a Bearcact maybe a 75 most likely an S modle. How can I send you Pics? Thanks
Mike Sullenger

Unknown said...


I wish I had one of these. Thanks for posting the pictures! By the way, I just came across an article about 15 of the Craziest Car Stunts Ever, at

It's a pretty decent compilation of crazy car stunts and I thought you and your readers might enjoy it.

Keep up the Great Work!


Anonymous said...

Mike...i helped build your car some 30 years ago...i have some pics but i need a place to email them...some interesting things that were done to the car you might recognise are the wing gas tanks & flip up gas filler from a sunbeam alpine. no carpets where installed but interior was painted with body color imron . amazing that the car still looks good.wheels are american racing vectors.. sorry to tell you the car is a standard bantam ..V6 was hot rod style intall. i dont kwow where "Hawk" came from ..not true. happy car marches on someone is still having fun with it..Aint it FAST!

Carey and Philippe said...

The las Anonymous poster,

Would it be possible to get in touch with me so we can get your e-mail we need to get in touch so we can get those pictures and how you came to the conclusion that this is not a Hawk.. We are now sad since this the only Hawk owner we know of.