Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New blog contributor - WF1010

I own a late-eighties Blakely Bernardi and have been actively maintaining and driving it in the sunny months since I bought it a couple of years back. Philippe and Carey have kindly given me the chance to document some of my adventures on their blog.

The car is red in both body and fenders, with the optional "jump seat" feature behind the driver and passenger seat. It has a white convertible roof that defines the term "rag top" in spades. (I haven't had the roof up in nearly two years - thank heavens for a dry climate!) The engine is a Ford 302 V8, with a Holley carburetor to keep the petrochemical industry fully funded.

I have been in email contact with Philippe, Carey, and the other Blakely enthusiasts since buying the car. I would like to recap in this blog some of the information and adventures that I've earlier shared by email, in the hopes it may inform or amuse the broader community. The older emails will get digested and posted first, and I'll work forward in date sequence until I reach the present happy times.


Lori said...

You have a beautiful car.

I just purchased a Bernardi and am anxiously awaiting it's delivery.

WF1010 said...

Thank you for the kind comment about my car. Will you be able to tell us more about yours?

Lori said...

I am hoping to have it sometime this week. The shipper is to pick it up Monday evening, then it will be on it's way.

I will send more information about the car, as soon as I can.