Sunday, August 12, 2007

FIrst Post Introduction

This is the first post for the Blakely Bantam car blog. Hopefully this blog will grow with content , information and user comments on their experience of owning this incredible American made Super Seven replica.

Carey and myself Philippe will try to add as much information possible about this car, the modifications we have made, the problems we've had... Carey has been a 30 year lover of this car and has collected considerable amount of information on the car. Myself have been an onwer of a Bantam since July 2007 and have already felt in love with it.


PeterGTV6 said...
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Carey and Philippe said...


If you sent me your e-mail at I would add you has a publisher contribuer to this blog if you are interested.

Luvdatbobcat said...

I have a 74 Blakely Bantam that I would like to restore. When I found it, it was setting outside with about 12 inches of water in the floor pan. The car is black, with black interior. One of the first things that I will need is an assembly manual, with a list of parts required from the donor Pinto. My car has a VW steering column that I would to change out. Mark

Carey and Philippe said...


Please send me your email at I will add you to the owner list. Regarding the steering column does it have a flexible part between the steering shft and the the rack-pinion.

Also regarding the assembly manual Carey has a copy of the manual he can ship to you for a nominal fee.

PeterGTV6 said...

Hi all
I'm glad someone started this. I own a Blakely Bernardi, and hope this blog will also include the Blakely Bearcats and Bernardi models as well. I know there are a number of folks who would be quite interested in discussing these.

Mark_Silverberg said...

I have a 1979 Blakely Bearcat S which has been in the family since it was new. I visited both Blakely Auto Works factories in Davis Junction, Il and Princeton, WI. My car is very original and very unmolested. If you add me as an author I will try to add pictures.

Anonymous said...

My name is Ivan and I am in Wisconsin.
I just purchased a Blakely Bantom Body and frame kit that has been stored since the mid 80s.
I need help!
I was told that the frame was set up for a small block chevy?
Anybody ever heard of that?

Jim said...
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Jim said...

I built a Blakely Bantam which used the prototype body out of the mold so it was not quite as thick as the production bodies. In fact, you could watch the top of the hood flex when you floored it. Great car.

I sold the car during a divorce and have always regretted that. I was wondering if you knew of any for sale - particularly in the Northern Illinois area. Would love to drive one again.

Mark_Silverberg said...

Jim, bantams occasionally show up on e-bay and craigs list. I would just regularly search for the cars and you should be able to find something.

Anonymous said...

Hi all.
My name is john and I am the second generation owner of a 77 bearcat I think the original assembly manual is still in the shop if anyone is interested I could email a copy of them just let me know via email.

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Anonymous said...
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Levi said...

About a year ago I purchased a Blakely Bearcat from an older women who's husband owned it tell he passed away. The car had sat uncovered for six years prior to my purchasing of it. I wish to restore the car properly and I am interested in finding a manufacturing manuel.

If you have a manual for it or know were I could get one and or purchase it please email me at

Anonymous said...
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Rowen Negrin said...

I bought my 1982 Blakely Bernardi from Tony Assenza, the auto editor of Popular Mechanics, who used it for an article then sold it to me. It runs great, needs paint, now brown and yellow. It lived in Manhattan for 7 years, then Palm Springs, Ca till 2005. It now lives in Ft. Lauderdale. Has broken speedometer at 59,000 miles. For Sale for US $10,000 Will deliver for expenses worldwide,

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Anonymous said...
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Sean said...

I am the new owner of a 1985 Blakely. It is made with Ford parts. My father passed away and gave it to me in the estate. Don't know much about these cars, but my father passed away and it has been in the garage. It has a little over 10k miles, and he replaced the top just over a year ago. It's white and tan with silver trim pieces. He drove it on weekends back and forth to church or the drugstore. It has the original manual and two matching hats that say "Bernardi" in the trunk.

I want to sell it but don't know who would want to buy it. It seems in excellent contition for its age (~25 yrs. old) and blows cool A/C.

I am motivated to sell - I am in the military and will be deploying to Afghanistan soon. If interested, my name is Sean and you can contact me at this email:

Forest said...

I am an owner of a green 1972 ????? Blakely Bearcat. It is running but needs regular work. I am trying to buy or build a soft top roof so I wont get caught in the rain anymore. also if I could find a manual to copy that would be amazing. it has a 72 pinto 2.0 engine. which I have two of. if anyone needs a pinto engine I would be willing to sell. If anyone has info or has a soft top to sell contact me at